When life brings you lemons, make Limoncello 


Each dish that is served at Limoncello Ristorante is cooked with love and has been perfected through generations of Mingrino's. Parents, Giuseppe and Maria's hearts are filled with pride as they watch their three children, Frank, Paul, and Dina, carry on the Mingrino and LaSpada family recipes and serve their local communities in Chester County, Pa. 


Original Siciliano Limoncello

  • 12 Lemons (organic)

  • 1 Liter grain alcohol (everclear)

  • 3.5 cups of sugar

  • 1 Liter of water

Cut the zest off the lemons.  Be careful while doing this to avoid including the white pith with your lemon skins.  You will end up with a pile of skins and it smells great.   In a large 3L+ Jug combine only a 1/2 Liter of the alcohol with the lemon skins.  Top the jug and then put in a cool dark place for 14 days.  Give the jug a shake every once in a while to ensure proper mixing.  You will end up with a beautiful yellow concoction.   Warm the water and sugar over low heat until dissolved.  Cool to room temp.  Combine this with the remainder of the alcohol (1/2 Liter).  Add this mixture with the original lemon mixture in the jug.  Then let this final mixture sit in a cool dark place for another 14 days. After the final 14 days filter the Limoncello of the skins and chill for serving.


In 1963, the Leonardo DaVinci docked in New York from Italy, carrying both parents, Giuseppe Mingrino and Maria LaSpada. Although they arrived on the same boat at Ellis Island, it was not until one year later that they met in Philadelphia.  At this chance meeting, Giuseppe and Maria discovered it was the same boat that brought them to this country, on the very same day!  The rest is history as they fell in love and started a family. The Mingrino's began to make their own traditions for all generations to come, with food being as important then, as it is today.